Rush River Brewing Co

990 Antler Ct • River Falls, WI 54022 United States

We are Rush River Brewing Company of River Falls, Wisconsin, and our experienced team of brewers create craft ales that are distributed throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.  We have one over-arching goal as we head to work every day: produce the most exceptional and delicious beer available.

We specialize in unfiltered and unpasteurized ales, and this traditional method of brewing requires us to maintain our product at peak freshness.  Filtering beer strips out yeast and valuable flavor profiles, which we simply refuse to do.  We also refuse to pasteurize our ales, as everything we produce must be fresh and natural. Without pasteurization and filtering, our ale has a shorter shelf life than competing products, but it is fresher and more flavorful, capturing a breadth of hop residuals.  With a higher content of vitamins and proteins, it is healthier as well.

We create full-flavored ales that stand up and pair very well with a wide range of cuisine.  Each bottle and keg of Rush River beer maintains residual amounts of brewer’s yeast and proteins, which may produce a slightly cloudy appearance in the glass.  This contributes to a heartier mouth feel, characteristic of a naturally-brewed beer.  We aim to deliver product consistency and ingredient innovation in every one of our ales.  Please enjoy them responsibly.

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