A Butchery Shoppe

Kevin Olson, owner of A Butchery Shoppe, is a third-generation butcher who has been in the trade for over two decades. When it was time to start his own butcher shop, Kevin chose to do so in beautiful Spring Valley – his hometown and where he first worked at the Spring Valley Meat Locker, alongside his mother Audrey. The butcher shop is named for her.


The Shop

Spring Valley residents, along with visitors from the Twin Cities and Eau Claire, come to A Butchery Shoppe for handcrafted meats with flavors and cuts that won’t disappoint. From everyday cuts like NY strip steak, sirloin steak, and baby back ribs, to a special tri-tip or a seasoned whole chicken, it is possible to find the cut needed for a special recipe or celebration dinner. They also make their sausage from scratch in small batches, offering everything from bratwurst to chorizo. Those who like their meat with a little smoke will enjoy trying smoked sausage, bacon and jerky. 

For those who aren’t quite sure what they are looking for, there’s another benefit of visiting an old-fashioned butcher shop – customer service. Here, questions are welcomed and there is always a bit of friendly advice for the best meats to serve at Sunday night dinner. 


More Than A Butcher

A Butchery Shoppe sells a variety of unique ingredients, ready-to-serve treats, fresh vegetables, fresh-baked bread and anything one would need to create a fantastic meal, a beautiful appetizer spread or to host family for the holidays. With specialty items like microgreens sourced locally, the shop is a go-to destination for foodies looking for something interesting, unique or particularly tasty.


Customer Reviews

Spring Valley has welcomed this new business and has given them great reviews on Facebook, including – 

“Wow! Why did I wait to check this out? They will cut whatever your favorite cut of meat is if you request it (there are already plenty on display). FRESH produce! All kinds of unique and delicious foods that are simply natural. And the Uncured Maple Sticks are the best flavor ever! I’ll be a loyal customer now!”

“Finally visited A Butchery Shoppe today for the first time. I’ve heard so many good things about this place and they were all correct. What a neat little place with many delicious and fun items. We will be back. The staff was so friendly and helpful and the store was so neat, clean, and well organized. We purchased some stuffed mushrooms and some stuffed burgers for dinner tonight that we can’t wait to try. Also picked up some pink Himalayan salt, some bacon, and some pork breakfast sausage. All reasonably priced I must add.”


Spring Valley, Wisconsin

Spring Valley and Pierce County, Wisconsin are the perfect place to launch a business. It’s gorgeous here, with just the right blend of businesses and residential areas with open spaces and outdoor amenities. With available commercial space and a pro-business climate, the stage is set for small businesses like A Butchery Shoppe to thrive. 

In addition, Spring Valley is less than an hour from the Twin Cities and Eau Claire. This makes it easy to attract customers from a much larger area. For destination businesses with something special and unique to offer, the proximity to such a large market offers the best of both worlds – a charming and quiet place to locate that is close enough to the city to tap into larger markets. 

To learn more about current opportunities in Pierce County, or for help finding a new business location, contact us!