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Hub 70 Design & Print was born rather organically. When you find something you love, it flows and suddenly an idea can become a business. For Nancy Williams, owner of Hub 70, she found that she had a passion for designing and printing marketing materials. As the former owner of a gift shop, she spend much of her time designing her own promotional materials and then helping other businesses with their design needs as well. As she continued to focus on this as a hobby, she realized that what she loved could actually be a viable business opportunity. She was right. Twelve years later, Hub 70 is a thriving design, print and copy shop that helps businesses and non-profit agencies throughout River Falls and the surrounding area.

Hub 70 is more than a copy shop. They are unique in that they also offer full design services. Hiring a graphic designer is not always easy. They typically work for larger marketing firms and may charge beyond what an average business can afford. By hiring graphic designers and offering this service in-house, Nancy Williams has made it affordable for local small businesses and organizations to receive high quality graphic design work that can then be printed within the shop. This full-service approach is helping businesses throughout the area and making it possible for them to compete with companies who have a much larger marketing budget.

Hub 70 is offering a fantastic service to the local business community and we wanted to learn more about what inspired Nancy Williams to launch the company, what they do, and what the future holds for Hub 70. To find out, we sat down with Nancy and asked a few questions.


Q: What All Does Hub 70 Do?

Hub 70 Design and Print is a Design, Print and Copy shop that offers on-sight digital printing with full access to press, wide format and various other print applications as well as a team of graphic designers on staff.


Q: Why Did You Choose to Launch Hub 70 in River Falls?

I have for passion small business and this community has a vibrant small business climate. These businesses benefit our local economy and help build the community spirit River Falls is known for. It’s a blessing to be a part of it.


Q: How Has Being Located in River Falls Benefited Your Business?

There have been numerous organizations, businesses and individuals in this community over the years which have encouraged and supported the growth and expansion of Hub 70. This is the advantage of living and working in a community that wants to see it’s small businesses succeed.


Q: What Are Your Future Goals?

We plan to continue to add more equipment to expand our in-house printing capabilities and to grow our graphic design staff.


Q: Is there Anything the Community Can Do to Support You and Help you Achieve your Goals?

Consider Hub 70 for your next business or personal print project. We welcome the opportunity to show that you can get a high quality product with small town service for a great price.


Q: What do you Want Everyone to Know About your Business?

Hub 70 Design & Print has been helping businesses, non-profits and individuals with their design and print needs since early 2006. We are more than a copy shop. Our focus is on helping small businesses and organizations create marketing materials they didn’t think possible or affordable. We have a design team on staff and are continually expanding our print capabilities.

For more information on Hub 70 Design & Print, contact Nancy Williams at


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