Swinging Bridge Brewing Co

122 S. Main Street • River Falls, WI 54022 United States

Swinging Bridge Brewing Company is a community supported micro brewery offering quality craft beer to the community of River Falls. The brewery opened March 17th 2017. Swinging Bridge strives to deliver high-quality beer made from locally sourced ingredients in a comfortable and interesting setting.

The brewery taproom is located downtown River Falls with seating for 50 customers and offers an array of fresh tap beer. The whole brewing process is clearly visible to get a real feel of the locality and freshness of the product made. Pull up a stool and make a new friend as you sip on a true taste of the local area.

Swinging Bridge Brewing is a community driven business and is built around the Community Supported Brewery (CSB) membership concept. Our membership programs allow us to build a community around our beer and provide a discount to our members in return for their commitment to support their local brewery. The CSB program is loosely based on the community supported agriculture model (CSA). Traditionally, Farm CSAs sell produce shares, and in exchange the customer receives a box or bag of fresh produce each week at prices lower than the market rate. Our model will be similar as we will be offering beer shares to our customers. The Mug Club will be a social club for the Taproom promoting camaraderie and love for quality beer. Overall, Swinging Bridge Brewing Company is here to serve the community by serving great beer.

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