How PCEDC Supports Local Businesses

28 Feb 2020

Pierce County Economic Development Organization (PCEDC) supports local businesses, helping them to grow, solve challenges and take their business to the next level. Pierce County offers a supportive environment in which businesses can grow and thrive. Still, many businesses owners do not realize the wealth of support and resources that are available for FREE within the county. Through the PCEDC, business owners can receive information, tools and resources, including the following – 

#1 Business toolbox

Looking to start a business? Need capital? Looking to learn more about the local tax structure? The PCEDC Business Toolbox is your destination for information and support. Here, you will find free resources, guides and instructions for how to start and grow a business in Pierce County. Accessing the Business Toolbox is an excellent first step when looking for business information and resources. 

#2 Educational workshops

PCEDC and regional partners offer educational workshops that cover a wide range of topics from how to develop your agricultural business to marketing and sales, to goal setting and distribution. Downloading copies of these workshops is an excellent way to increase your knowledge and skill as a business owner or executive. 

In addition, SCORE St. Paul offers a wide variety of workshops and resources to local businesses. 

#3 Workforce training support

Pierce County is home to an incredible community of talented workers. WIth nearby universities and technical training programs, workers in Pierce County are ready to take on the challenge of 21st Century businesses. Still, PCEDC and local partners are always looking for ways to improve workforce training. For example, The St Croix EDC Workforce Development Committee organized a ‘Finding Success with Youth Apprenticeship Programs’ event to find ways to increase the connections between local students and employers. These are the types of innovative programs being launched in Pierce County to improve the area workforce. Businesses can also receive one-on-one support with workforce recruitment and training. 

#4 Site selection assistance

Real estate in Pierce County is affordable and there are abundant opportunities for businesses to grow. Still, finding the right location can be daunting – especially when simultaneously running a business. The PCEDC staff is available to provide businesses with site selection assistance, making the process much easier. 

You can also search for commercial properties on the PCEDC website. 

#5 Business capitalization 

PCEDC helps local businesses to secure the capital they need to grow. If your company needs a loan to purchase a building, is looking for start-up capital, needs to purchase equipment or fund growth – contact PCEDC. 

In addition, a list of funding sources can be found here

PCEDC Solves Challenges and Can Make Key Introductions

One challenge businesses often face is not knowing where to go for help, or who they can contact to solve a particular challenge. Whether a business needs assistance with workforce recruitment, a zoning change, obtaining a permit or accessing capital – PCEDC is here to help. In addition, the PCEDC staff can bring other community leaders and resources to the table to ensure that problems can be solved at the highest levels. This ensures that any obstacle impeding the growth of a Pierce County business is removed so they can grow. If your business is facing a challenge today, or simply needs assistance planning for growth, contact the PCEDC staff. 

PCEDC is here to take you to the next level!