Brush Strokes Paint Party

Brush Strokes Paint Party Provides Entertainment in Pierce County

Pierce County has a new option in entertainment – Brush Strokes Paint Party. Kayleen Jakes founded Brush Strokes in 2014 and has been hosting paint parties ever since. Having grown up in Maiden Rock, WI and going to school in the Ellsworth School District, she and her husband have deep roots in the community. They enjoy how quiet and peaceful the area is, along with the connections they have to family and friends. Still, Ms. Jakes knew that there needed to be more fun indoor activities in the community. She had a dream to bring something fun to the area and has, with Brush Strokes Paint Party. We asked her to tell us more about her business and how being located in Pierce County has contributed to her success.


Q: What Is A Paint Party?

A: Brush Strokes paint parties bring family and friends together for lots of laughter and a little creativity. I am not a formal art instructor and my classes are not presented that way. The painting classes are 1-3 hours in length and are for any age and any artistic level. Classes are held either privately at someone’s home or at a public venue like a bar or restaurant. There are many different classes of canvas, wood pallet and wine glasses or beer mug painting. Every class is instructor led, so students are taught step-by-step in a group setting and everyone is taught to do the same thing. Some people like to get creative and paint something different and that is always encouraged, but most attendees like to follow along and if you are a good listener, your painting turns out really well.


Q: What Do Enjoy Most About Owing Brush Strokes?

A: I love seeing the look on someone’s face when they completely exceed their own expectations for the class. A large majority of classes are people who feel they are not artistic and usually take the first class for curiosity purposes. When done, they leave feeling accomplished and self-empowered because of how well their paintings turn out. It is really fun to watch a new artist unfold!


Q: What Inspired You To Start Your Business?

A: I have always loved painting and I am a very social person. One of the biggest reasons I started Brush Strokes, was to bring a fun, but not very expensive, creative experiences to this small town area.


Q: What Do You Like About Being Located in Ellsworth and Pierce County?

A: I love having friends and family in this area who are very supportive and really helped to kick start my business. They love attending classes and booking private parties as well. It also helps to already know fellow business owners in the area because I am a travel-only business, so I use locations that are already established for my open-to-the-public classes.

Ms. Jakes loves what she does and it shows. When you attend a Brush Strokes party, you are bound to enjoy  yourself and leave with a smile on  your face. What started as a personal dream, has evolved into something fun for the entire community. When asked about her future goals, Ms. Jakes said, “I genuinely enjoy what I do and am letting the business take me where it wants.” Right now, that means a lot of party bookings.

Pierce County is an excellent place for entrepreneurs like Ms. Jakes because we have a business-friendly environment. Local Chambers and the Pierce County Economic Development Corporation are here to help businesses start, relocate, and expand. If you have a dream of launching a business in Pierce County, reach out to learn more about the many ways we can assist with the process.